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Информация - Doc Let (Let Slope) Tourism Resort

Location:  Located at Ninh Hoa beach, 50 km North from Nha Trang.

Called Let Slope because there has white and 10-metre-high sand dunes above the trees, separating land to sea.

From the mainland, if you want to go to the sea, you have to surpass the sand dunes, "slope" on sand because being dog-tired. But when passing through these sand dunes, tourists will enjoy a wonderful beach with blue and pure seawater, smooth waves. Natural landscapes on coast and sea of Let slope also attract visitors. It also nears the famous Van Phong Bay, one of international tourism attractions, which is surveyed and highly appreciated on its future of tourism development by OMT. Besides beach tourism resort, visitors can visit fishing villages, Khoi Island salt field, Heo Island when visiting Let slope.