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Информация - Chua Temple

Location: Am Chua Temple is situated on Dai An Mount in Dien Dien Commune, Dien Khanh District.

Chua Temple is situated in the middle of the slope on Dai An mountain (also named Qua Son) in Dai Dien Trung Hamlet, Dien Dien Commune, Dien Khanh District.

This temple is the worshipping place of Holy Mother Thien Y Ana, a goddess much revered in Khanh Hoa. According to a legend carved in 1856 in a stele at Ponagar Temples, the Temple is seen as the origin of the Holy Mother where She lived with the foster parents during childhood. Ponagar Temples are the worshipping place when She had been deified. It is why right from the beginning of the Nguyen dynasty, Thien Y Ana was nominated Hong Nhon Pho Te Linh Ung Thuong Dang Than (the Prime Goddess) and the rituals at Chua Temple are often held in dedication to a national deity and must be presided over by the leading person of the province. The festivity is organized every year on the first day of the 3rd lunar month, starting the traditional Ponagar Festivity of Khanh Hoa''''s people held on the 23rd day of the 3rd lunar month. It can be asserted that Chua Temple Festivity still retains the greatest number of traditional rituals of the Viet people in Khanh Hoa.